Help Oddy flying up to the sky by jumping between bubbles!
Collect coins, grab crazy powerups and avoid obstacles along the way to boost Oddy reach to the sky!
Share scores with friends to make the game more fun!
What are you waiting for? Grab Oddy in Bubble and start jumping!

Pets Battle

Pets Battle is a very funny game.
You can chose pet and background that you like, and fighting with other pet by throw item.
When throw, user can control angle,power, and wind impact to hit rival.
What are you waiting for ? Start download and join the battle now !!!

Mad Math Plus

Are you ready to get MAD !!!
Mad Math Plus is an annoying puzzle game where you slide columns up and down to correct all math expressions.
This game has 200 challenges, from very easy to extremely hard.
This game is suitable for all ages, from kids to elderly, from students to professors.
Think TWICE before play this game, it will make you MAD.